Monday, 13 January 2014

It's been a while... but I'm back

So, a year has gone by but I have been busy taking photos. Lots of photos. I'll have to play catch up for a while. I'll work backwards, because that means I will remember the newest stuff better, and won't forget details.
Ireland. Christmas time, and New Years, to celebrate with my kids and wife. 2013 was a good year with lots of good time and great photo opportunities.
This photo, from Slieve League, Ireland is a favourite from this trip. The colour of the rocks, the ocean and all the vegetation. It was a much colder and bleaker day than the photo suggests, but the results were great!

A Beautiful Place
The lighting was really nice on Boxing Day, or St. Stephen's Day as the Irish like to call it. They built a new platform here, where this was taken from, but with some creative framing, all you can see is the old fence. The colours really are amazing. I'd like to see this area in other times of the year to see how the pallet changes season to season. The wide angle lens makes the cliffs look a lot smaller, but the height of these cliffs is quite something. A really unique place in the world...

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