Monday, 13 January 2014

Cliffs of Moher

There are places in Ireland you must go and see. The Cliffs of Moher is one of them. Take the full hike down the paths and make sure to look at them from all angles. The sea cliffs of Ireland are really quite amazing. This is in County Clare, and there are other good things to see in the area.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

I particularly like the bottom one, as the colour of the rocks contrast nicely with the sea and the greens on the far cliffs. Once you walk south past the boundary area, there is nothing to prevent you from falling off the cliffs. Practice care while taking photos near the edge. The views are really outstanding and make the use of a wide angle lens. There is just too much to take in.
Looking South

Looking North
Far off, you can see a stone tower which is in the paved path area of the park. It doesn't take long to hike to an area where there are less people. On this day, we had rain, sun, cloud, fog and just about any other condition combined. Still, lots of good photo opportunities.

Cork, Cork, Ireland

Cork Ireland is of course in Cork County, hence the post title. I've been to Cork before, while on a cruise ship vacation and kissed the Blarney Stone etc., but this time, I wasn't bound to an organized visit, so I had lots of time to enjoy the area. The Christmas decorations in Ireland are quite nice and unique to their holiday. I like the way they string up the lights over the roads and they seem to have a liking for the colder colours, like blue lights. Everywhere, blue lights. And white. They stray into the violet and purples, but you don't see a lot of yellow. Or red.

Spar Store in Cork

I don't think the decorations are for the Spar store, but the apartment above it? This was on Mac Donnell Street (sp). There was a nice pub down the road that had a great bar tender and it was a warm pub with a fireplace. I liked it a lot. 
During the day, I think it was New Year's Eve, we walked around town. There was a tug boat that had just recently tied up alongside the old buildings near the Customs House. The water had settled down, nice a calm. It could have been any time of year, but it wasn't. 

Celtic Isle

The surface of the water and colours of the ship reflect nicely. Cork harbour is a busy place. 

Cork Harbour

The B&B I stayed at had a great view of the harbour from the window... I opened the window and shot above the roof line. The sky came to life after resetting the EV and making some minor exposure setting adjustments. A great view of Cork, looking south.

Cork streets, looking south

This is a similar view, but from the streets. Here, you can see the train underpass. The harbour in the distance. Another beautiful day. My wife and I had a great walk that day, and saw some great historical areas in Cork. There is a blue walking symbol you can follow around town to see the sights.

Blue Footbridge

Red Abbey

River Lee at night

I love the way timed photos make water look. Smooth and oily. Cork Ireland. A nice place to visit.

It's been a while... but I'm back

So, a year has gone by but I have been busy taking photos. Lots of photos. I'll have to play catch up for a while. I'll work backwards, because that means I will remember the newest stuff better, and won't forget details.
Ireland. Christmas time, and New Years, to celebrate with my kids and wife. 2013 was a good year with lots of good time and great photo opportunities.
This photo, from Slieve League, Ireland is a favourite from this trip. The colour of the rocks, the ocean and all the vegetation. It was a much colder and bleaker day than the photo suggests, but the results were great!

A Beautiful Place
The lighting was really nice on Boxing Day, or St. Stephen's Day as the Irish like to call it. They built a new platform here, where this was taken from, but with some creative framing, all you can see is the old fence. The colours really are amazing. I'd like to see this area in other times of the year to see how the pallet changes season to season. The wide angle lens makes the cliffs look a lot smaller, but the height of these cliffs is quite something. A really unique place in the world...