Friday, 16 September 2011

A good start

Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland

I really hate people. I need to go where no person is standing in front of the scene I want to shoot and smiling like an ID-10-T into a point a shoot camera to prove they've been somewhere. Particularly when they are doing a self-portrait. I yearn for the Trans Labrador Highway... the Dempster Highway, anywhere I can get away from people in greater numbers than a city has to offer. I have been to these places, and I want to go back. Gros Morne is another one. Nice place with fewer people and the ones who are there? The nicest people on the face of the planet (Newfoundlander's). I could live there... I am going to use this blog to post my photos and details of my trips. I will let you know what equipment I use as well. I am, afterall, a lifetime photographer. I have taken pictures and made pictures all of my life. I have even been paid professionally for this service, but the pictures I like, are the ones no one pays me for. I don't show off my pictures very much, and they are very personal. Now that I am paid to stay away from work, I can do this even more.