Monday, 13 January 2014

Cork, Cork, Ireland

Cork Ireland is of course in Cork County, hence the post title. I've been to Cork before, while on a cruise ship vacation and kissed the Blarney Stone etc., but this time, I wasn't bound to an organized visit, so I had lots of time to enjoy the area. The Christmas decorations in Ireland are quite nice and unique to their holiday. I like the way they string up the lights over the roads and they seem to have a liking for the colder colours, like blue lights. Everywhere, blue lights. And white. They stray into the violet and purples, but you don't see a lot of yellow. Or red.

Spar Store in Cork

I don't think the decorations are for the Spar store, but the apartment above it? This was on Mac Donnell Street (sp). There was a nice pub down the road that had a great bar tender and it was a warm pub with a fireplace. I liked it a lot. 
During the day, I think it was New Year's Eve, we walked around town. There was a tug boat that had just recently tied up alongside the old buildings near the Customs House. The water had settled down, nice a calm. It could have been any time of year, but it wasn't. 

Celtic Isle

The surface of the water and colours of the ship reflect nicely. Cork harbour is a busy place. 

Cork Harbour

The B&B I stayed at had a great view of the harbour from the window... I opened the window and shot above the roof line. The sky came to life after resetting the EV and making some minor exposure setting adjustments. A great view of Cork, looking south.

Cork streets, looking south

This is a similar view, but from the streets. Here, you can see the train underpass. The harbour in the distance. Another beautiful day. My wife and I had a great walk that day, and saw some great historical areas in Cork. There is a blue walking symbol you can follow around town to see the sights.

Blue Footbridge

Red Abbey

River Lee at night

I love the way timed photos make water look. Smooth and oily. Cork Ireland. A nice place to visit.

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