Friday, 20 January 2012


OK. So the madness is over. I really do love to travel, but I really don't like the crowds. Why do so many ignorant people need to travel? Who would go on a trip while infected with Novovirus? Lets see, lets put 2000 people onto a ship, along with 1000 crew, and add 10 to 15 cases of Novovirus... Duh! Thankfully, I (nor my wife) contracted the dreaded GI tract infection and accompanying symptoms. It is getting to the point now where they shouldn't let you on board until they have observed you for 15-20 minutes prior to boarding. I love travelling by ocean... I guess it stems back to my days as a sailor, when I was young and joined the reserves to make a little money while attending Ryerson. It was a PI back then, not a PU as it is now. RPU just doesn't sound right. Regardless, there I was on the MS Rotterdam, held captive for one week in Caribbean waters. Not a bad place to be imprisoned, except for the virus. I did enjoy the weather, and the water, and who can complain about the fresh sea-salt spray infused air? Coming from the upper reaches of the Northern Realms, I was very happy to be in the Caribbean. Of course, I was heavily equipped with my cameras... a Nikon D300 and my trusty P7000. Throw in an extra lens, and I was very happy. I was also fortunate to have a "veranda" room on the 10th deck, which placed me near the top level of the ship itself.

This of course gives you specific views that cannot be resisted. I do like being on top. No pun intended. Of course being on a cruise, there is much to see in new places... never having been to the Turk's & Caicos, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas USVI, I had my share of new things to see. From my perspective, not that of a tourist. I loath tourists. I'm sure they look at me when I am out and about taking photos, and they must think to themselves, "Hey, he is pointing his camera in the wrong direction..." Ya, right. 

Of course, I would say back, "Open your eyes and look around you. You're missing everything." Yes, this nice little Osprey cruised right overhead. If I were an Osprey, I'd sail down to the Turk's & Caicos for the winter as well. I don't think anyone else on board saw this guy except me, until they saw me looking up with the camera. 
One of the trips was to go to a rain forest on Puerto Rico, and I've never been to a real rain forest before. Once again, into the breach. Far too many people on this trip but what did I expect? I did what I could. Not only were we on the trail as a bunch of 'tourists' with a guide, but we also shared the trail and sights with the locals, who were on their Christmas/New Year's break as well. Apparently it is a favourite with locals to go to this particular waterfall and bathe in the pools. Therefore, in my book, the people become the subject of the photos. 

Here, I used a nice long exposure to blur the water, and hopefully, the people there too. Now, try to imagine the scene without people. It really is a pretty place. Thanks to my 10-24 mm lens here. This was set at 10mm. I didn't take a tripod either. I always try to utilize some solid object to act as one, and in this case, the concrete supports on the bridge worked nicely.
Well, you never know what is going to show up next in this blog, but stayed tuned.