Friday, 23 December 2011

Metcalfe Rock from Bruce Trail

Well, here it is the 23rd of December... Just came back from a hike near Duncan Ontario, on the Bruce Trail. I took along my trusty little Nikon P7000. Nice kit that. I particularly like the simulated wide angle I can get by taking panorama shots and putting them together back at home. Considering the snow and lighting you get this time of year at this particular latitude, these are demanding situations. The P7000 looks after it well.

I also looked at the newer P7100... I found right away that the camera is much thicker than the P7000, and heavier. I think this is to accommodate the folding display screen. Personally, I saw that as a drawback, needing the smaller size for getting into remote areas and being mindful of the weight of the stuff you are carrying. This particular image was taken from the top of the bluff overlooking (to the left) Metcalfe Rock, and almost encompassing 180 degrees of view. A few steps straight ahead equals a 60 Metre fall to the valley floor. The hike through the Bruce Trail to this vantage point was on pristine trails, with a skiff of snow on the ground, and not a single foot print. This completely complies with my desire to hike in areas that are remote in nature, and lack the crowds. Interesting thing I found out about Duncan... You plug "Duncan" into the GPS and it doesn't find it! Perfect. 

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